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Hunnie, Your Fabumore, Cause really who wants 2 be Fabulous?...

20 December
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*SuperStar Kyle Is Fabulous Love*


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Kyle SuperStar!©

Amanda Lepore Is Hot Silicone Love!

It was fabumoretaboo's fault.

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I'm Hot, I'm Cute, I'm Popular to boot, Sexy, great hair the Boys
all love to stare! My NAme is KYle! aka FaBuLoUs!
www.xanga.com/fabumoreclubkidonx(4 INFO ON ME!) I LIVE IN Mishawka ,
InDiana (Go IRISH!)... I AM 16 yrs Old... I ATTeNd Mishawaka HIGH
SCHOOL...DrUGs,SEx,CRimE..... StuDeNT AlSo, UpCoMMiNg StaR* GET
TIPSY!! Rick jamez BYOTCH!! Yeah!* thrilla!! ~*BEwAre CHiLdReN!*~
SpECiAl K It's a dissociative drug, -it selectively reduces
excitation of central mammalian neurons by N-methyl asparate. So
basically, it FU*KS YOU UP! If YOU gOt a HuMp On Yo BAq ThRow SuM
GlitTer On It And Go DaNCiN! I'm your average teenage boy ... um ok
I'm not. People say I'm unique which is the nice way of saying
you're a freak. I think I just like to march to the beat of my own
electronic percussion machine. ..I aM SiNglE ANd OpEnLy Gay..I woUlD
LikE a GuY That Is NiCe,Sweet,effeCnate,CaReing,& CaN MakE me
LauGh UnTilL I Pee..LOoKs ArNt a BIg ThaNg 4 ME ..You juSt HaVe 2
HavE a GreAt PerSonaLity..I Like PeoPle That ArE ComFoRtablE wiTH Me
anD Can LovE me 4 ME...I AM An A+ StuDent If it MattERs 2 u... yEt
PoPulAr As Well... I AM a PrePPy..TeASe..REbel..fLirt..a&f
boi...5'7...Brown Eyes BroWN HaiR WIth HiGHlights...Cute Smile..NicE
tAn..Fitt...NiCE...Sexy...I LovE MUh FaMily AnD FreInDS.... I AM
HoPeIng 2 FiNd a Pen pAl maYbe MoRE FroM ThiS SitE...AgE Is Just a #
2 Me... I JuSt Try 2 Be All I Can Be...And Yes...Its a BlEssInG I AM
GreAtFuL 4...ThEreFoR COnCluSioN,... DoNt Hate Me B/c I aM BeaUtiful
...-:- HaTe Me B/c I have A vOiCe LikE an AngEl...aNd THat I am NicE
aNd Funny ... ANd a Nice smile...aNd AM PopulAr ANd NevER havE Bad
BreAth ...HatEing Me b/c I AM Bueatiful Is JusT a wAste Of ALl The
OtheR ThangS aBOut me :-P ....~*-:-*~ I am not into one night
stands, I prefer two small end tables . ...AOL men should be like
Kleenex. Soft, strong & DISPOSABLE! *Some may call it XtC*
*Some may call it destiny* *Some may call it meant 2B* *But I Just
call it *u* -n- *me* you kiss my lips i close my eyes away
we float to paradise all the people stop to see and softly
whisper " W e R e M e A n T T o B e " looking 4
that "special" sum1 till then! still pimpiN! ive done
so0o much... and here i am 16* yrs OLd... still got a JuRney 2
go... lets b real dis azz b da biggest u eva saw dats y u wanna
eat me 0ut till u break ur jaw but b4 u get me mad lets get 1 thing
straight im bout to lay out the kinda shyt i hate 1-i aint got
time 2 waste on da quikies 2-dont do niqqaz dat b wearin
vickies 3-im a bytch so naturally i dont do kitties 4-or niqqaz
dat tuck n got titt!es if boxers cant hold wut u packin n got
game, den start mackin get me pizzed n ill start smackin but if
not den we can get it crackin if u join da minority & sweep me
off my feet blast da AC cuz ill b bringin da heat p.s AND ALL U
The F a B u l o u S But true tale of Kyle aka
SkRiNk-La-D0!* I am Priencess lolipop aka the wh0re of cLub
land! Im FrUM tha ToWn of:
$$,SuCeSS,FAMe,GlAmOur,FAShOn,GlaMouR,$$,FamE!* _*shout outz 2
tha teletubby crew!* Im GoNna ClICk Muh hEALs 2gEhtEr AnD gEt OuT
thIs BoREiNG As$ toWn And B tha FaBuLouS CluB kiD i AM!* "ThIS
is 4 ! THiS is 4 WhEn i Get there!" ·.(¨`·.·´¨)*DOnT DrEAm It
`·.¸.·´*Be it!* THIS IS A FREAK SHOW!* Im a HeArT SeEkInG
TREnD... MiSTaKe... READy... 2 ExPlODe IN PuFf Of GLiTTEry
ConFeTtI!!!! FaBULouSneSs Jesus kinda likes meYou must LOOK DEEP
in THE MIND of a FREAK! Im the wh0re of candyland is my pimp.. o
boy have i tasted the rainbow!*

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